Application of Blockchain technology for the development in utility industry

KUCHING, 15 JAN: RESONICS Consultancy has embarked into the development for Blockchain Technology by working together with Henry, a local researcher who is currently doing research studies at a public research institution in Kuching on the topic related to Smart City in Sarawak. The research topic is focusing more on the analysis and detection of Electricity Theft.

The study will explore on the possibility of Blockchain application which can be applied to the proposed framework for Electricity Theft cases in Sarawak. Outcome of the research and development is expected to improve the way utility industry operates especially in the detection and prediction of abnormal energy consumption. Blockchain Technology has the potential to disrupt the way in identifying suspicious energy patterns which in the future the research can be adopted into utility industry in order to efficiently manage cases involving Electricity Theft activities based on digital identity and crypto address classifications.

According to Abdul Qaiyum Alidin, Chief Technical Officer of RESONICS Consultancy “Blockchain in the future could enable us to efficiently manage the utility usage for the domestic and industry applications and make cities more green and sustainable.” Abdul Qaiyum Alidin will be featured as a speaker at a Blockchain conference in Kuala Lumpur on 24th-25th January.

RESONICS Consultancy will continue to work on Blockchain research in Sarawak with local researchers to accelerate the development of future Smart Grid/Smart Meter technology and to explore new ideas in the interest of Smart City developments.

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