Are you SPM 2018 graduates? ??‍♂!

Waaaaaaay too many choices huh ?  ?‍♀?                                                                                                           Which 1 should you choose?  ??‍♂

? GMI ✅ :-

✔ 27 years in German Engineering Technology and we are MARA IPMa!

✔ GMI graduates are preferred by many industries (88% employability) ??

✔ Your main gateway to Germany (216 UAS to choose from) ??

✔ Ready MARA convertible loans (B40&M40) & apply it now before you register?

✔ Not only the only college with a German name in Malaysia but we have 14 prestigious Technology Centres to shout out loud ??❤??

✔ Comprehensive campus living located in Kajang (75 acres & you are allow to board throughout your study duration)??

✔ Championing TVET in Malaysia with our top-notch programs ???

Online application at or  ? click the below link:

#gmi #MajlisAmanahRakyat #TVETMARA

#kplb #ilovegmi #BeProudBeaGMian #diploma #gapp

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