7th May 2019, Khon Kaen Province, Thailand.

Sarawak Esports Association (SESA) & their affiliate, Miri Esports Association (MESA) were invited to Khon Kaen Province, Thailand to witness the Grand Opening of Focus Arena Esports Complex an advance esports complex.

Focus Arena Esports Complex focusing on few elements which are E-Learning, E-Sports, E- Business, E- Knowledge, E-Complex and IoT which is inline which SESA’s vision & objective. During visits, SESA had a fruitful creative round table discussion with the Thailand representatives such as Mayor of Khon Kaen Province, Mr. Teerasak Teecayuphan, Director Tourism Authority of Thailand, Ms Siriwan Seeharach (Khon Kaen Office), CEO of Focus Arena Esports Complex, Mr Ronakorn Kittisuwan and Thailand Esports Industry player & community.

We had exchange ideas and words on the Southeast Asia Esports Development especially the possibility of collaboration between Thailand Esports & Sarawak Esports Association. The Government of Khon Kaen Province and the government of Sarawak shares the similar initiative which is Smart City Development plan and the Esports development plan.

SESA has initiated an esports athlete exchange program to Thailand counterparts which focus on improving Esports Ecosystem & know-how. Thailand counterpart shows great interest with SESA initiative and looking forward to sign a memorandum of understanding in the very near future.

Director Tourism Authority of Thailand, Ms Siriwan Seeharach (Khon Kaen Office) shares her idea to enhance the relationship with Malaysia through esports tourism such as by organising international events and conferences.

SESA President, Afiq Fadhli Narawi and his committee are impressed with the esport complex Focus Arena, especially a world class facilities catered to Esports Athletes. SESA urge the State Government of Sarawak to accelerate the establishment of Sarawak Esports Centre/Hub to materialise the initiative between SESA and Thailand Esports counterpart. Furthermore, Sarawak Esports Centre/Hub can attract foreign esports investment and esports tourism through International tournament and world class Esports program.

[Source: SESA]

Photo Credits: SESA

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