Ong (third right) and his family in a photo call during their Hari Raya Open House yesterday.

KUCHING: The strong racial harmony in Sarawak coupled with the virtues of tolerance and acceptance among those of various faiths is something that no amount of money can buy.

Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (Macma) Sarawak chairman Mohammad Tony Ong Abdullah said racial harmony is the key ingredient that binds the community together, thus allowing the state to achieve greater economic and social development.

“Sarawak is truly unique where racial harmony remains intact and the virtues of tolerance and acceptance of people from other faiths are prevalent in every facet of society.

“The sense of belonging as a Sarawakian, where unity is very strong among races in the state, is something that money cannot buy. You can hardly find it anywhere else,” he said when met at his Hari Raya Open House, here yesterday.

Ong also stressed the importance of maintaining the tradition of festive open houses, saying it allows the nurturing of tolerance and unity amongst members of society, particularly the younger generation.

“We should make sure that these noble values are passed on to the younger generation, so that they can better understand others from different religious faiths and ethnic groups,” he said.

[Source: “‘Racial, religious unity in Sarawak something money can’t buy’” published by BorneoPost Online] Photo Credits: BorneoPost Online

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